The Research and Development and Technical Support Director of ISOMAT, Mr. Konstantinos Aslanis, expresses his belief that the construction sector and notably the external thermal insulation sector will show positive developments.

“ISOMAT is a Greek manufacturing company of construction chemicals and mortars with a multinational character. It was founded in 1980 with the aim of producing in Greece special building materials of high quality, but accessible to the Greek consumer. Until then, these products were mostly imported”, Mr. Aslanis notes and he adds:

“Today ISOMAT is one of the most important building materials industries in Southeastern Europe. It has 3 production units, the first of which is located in Greece and the other two in its subsidiaries in Serbia and Romania. In addition, it has 5 commercial subsidiaries in Germany, Russia, Turkey, Bulgaria and Slovenia. In addition, ISOMAT products, more than 350, are exported to approximately 60 countries worldwide”.

Asked about the activities of the company during 2020 and the pandemic and the evaluation of 2021 Mr. Aslanis pinpoints the endurance of the sector:

“During the pandemic we continued our development smoothly, constantly investing in both new staff and mechanical equipment. One of the sectors that proved to be more resistant to the crisis is the external thermal insulation of buildings, mainly due to state subsidies for energy efficiency upgrading of homes, as well as anything related to renovation such as waterproofing, adhesives, paints, etc.

In 2021, ISOMAT continues to follow a course of growth and great evolution. Our goal is innovation at all our levels of operation, in structures, technologies, systems, services but also the further strengthening of both our Research and Development and our extroversion, since the production of new products and the entry in new markets abroad remain our top priorities. Regarding the construction sector, we expect a general positive development, with particular activity in the field of external thermal insulation”.