“We no longer need to talk about a crisis in the construction industry, but about the absolute development”, emphasises the head of K – Machines, Mr. Apostolos Kairas.

K – Machines, which currently has a presence in the Greek and Cypriot markets and is planning to expand in 2023 in North Africa, is a company active in the field of concrete and expands to other stages of construction such as insulation, plasters, granites, grouting, cement and mortar. It has participated in many projects, either of large or small scale, that include from listed buildings to large hotel units, malls as well as the giant project of “Ellinikon”, currently the largest urban regeneration project in Europe. Mr. Apostolos Kairas, the CEO of the company, during his interview for Expo News, has pinpointed that we should no longer need to talk about a crisis in the construction industry, but about the absolute development.

We are going through a golden decade

“Our industry has been growing steadily for the last five years and the only “crisis” that the market faces is that of human resources. Based on the conducted analyses, in Greece, we are going through a ‘’golden decade’’ and with the upcoming projects we will be able to grow until 2040 smoothly. What we receive as a feedback from our customers is an investment confidence for the present and the future. It is now clear that everything is going well and that any appreciations that have taken place in the last year do not hinder the proper progress of the projects and the purchase of new equipment. Regarding the demand for our products, since the beginning of last year it has taken off and we could say that it is out of control since our freights are pre-sold before their arrival in our country. Demand increases linearly by 150% every year”. 

Big expectations

Mr. Kairas has also expressed his expectations from the participation of his company in the upcoming Build Expo Greece, which will take place on 14-16 of October 2022, at Metropolitan Expo. “From Build Expo Greece we expect professionals of the construction industry who due to geographic restrictions it would be difficult to get in touch with them in the areas where they are active. So, we are expecting them to guide them to a new world of technology that sets as ultimate goal the making of life in workplace easier while increasing productivity”.