Build Expo Greece 2021 is expected to host successfully again Open Space which implements workshops and case studies and attracts the interest of the professionals of the sector. As Mr. Sifostratoudakis notes, this year’s focus will be the zero energy building.

In the workshops of the first Open Space that took place in the framework of Build Expo 2019, the visiting professionals had the opportunity to be informed about the new trends and solutions around a wide range of issues related to construction. What is your account in view of this year’s event?

Open Space of 2019 attracted quite a lot of participation and, of course, interest. Main market issues were answered on a wide range of topics for trends, innovations and applications in the building industry. The opportunity for interaction and discussion was created as well as speeches and case studies of solutions and applications, regarding construction and architecture, energy upgrading and other interesting issues.

Give us an idea of this year’s workshops and case studies that will be presented at Open Space. Which organisations and professionals will be present?

This year’s workshops and case studies will focus on issues related to zero energy buildings. Fire protection in buildings, international trends and regulations Sustainability in buildings. Successful Greek examples and applications of green buildings from the Greek market will be presented.

Finally, among other things, we will discuss about shading and facades as well as their role in the energy identity of the building. Some of the organisations that will participate are: Hellenic Certified Energy Inspectors Association (PSYPENEP), Hellenic Institute for the Fire Protection of Structures (ELIPYKA), Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving (CRES) but also professionals, such as civil engineers, architects and installers of systems.

What are the topics that will be covered by this year’s Open Space? Which construction professionals will be involved?

There will be presentations in relation to energy efficiency, the green building, legal framework and international standards, fire protection of structures and new regulations, presentations of certified buildings, etc. They will concern all professionals employed in the construction industry.

Will there be presentations regarding green building and energy efficiency? What issues will they cover?

There will be presentations regarding green building and sustainability. Greek examples of certified buildings, evaluation & certification systems, modern trends, etc. will be presented.

After the economic crisis and the pandemic, the economy is gradually returning to normal rates. What does this mean for the construction industry? Are you optimistic?

With the new needs created by the pandemic, the building industry is being reshaped. There is a need for more security, design of smart workplaces and living that facilitate the quality of life of people. I hope that, by the end of this pandemic, our buildings will be more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Is Open Space the new reference point for the construction professional who wants to be informed about new trends and solutions in the market? Where do you set the bar for the event?

In Open Space, the industry professional can have a comprehensive view of the building industry on current issues. Apart from that, there is the possibility for networking with professionals of the sector and possible collaborations as well as the exchange of views with experts. The bar is already high, since every year Open Space is gaining more and more interest from professionals and the market.