The way out of the pandemic crisis combined with the strict observance of the health and safety protocols, brings again at the forefront the exhibition sector, which is a blood donor for the backbone of every economy, the small and medium enterprises.

Dozens of trade fairs have already been held with great success and, most importantly, under total safety, with the highly positive response of the public highlighting exhibitions’ importance and their business role in the market.

After all, trade fairs are an activity with a multidimensional financial contribution. They allow exhibitors to strengthen their network of business contacts, promote innovative products and services and stay up to date with the latest market developments. Especially for small and medium-sized enterprises, trade fairs are a unique opportunity to develop trade relations with companies from other parts of the world. Respectively, the visitors of the exhibitions have the opportunity to get acquainted with new products and services and to compare competitive prices.

Specifically, in Greece, despite the global economic crisis, the exhibition sector continues to contribute to the Greece’s GDP with a significant turnover of up to 217 million euros (2018 data). The Gross Value Added of the sector reaches 71 million euros, contributing to the country’s employment with 4.4 thousand active jobs. Indicative of the importance of the trade exhibition industry in the country is the study of ΙΟΒΕ (Foundation for Economic & Industrial Research) for the contribution of the largest exhibition centre in Greece and in Southeast Europe, the one of Metropolitan Expo. The IOBE study estimates that the operation of Metropolitan Expo, without taking into account the wider effects, contributed approximately 124.5 million euros to the Greece’s GDP in 2018, supporting 2.9 thousand jobs in the Greek economy.