Within June, Hellenic Ministry of Environment and Energy is expected to announce the draft of the new cycle of the Energy Efficiency Programme. The popular programme has reportedly led to a significant boost to activities around the construction industry.

The goal for the inclusion of houses in the new cycle of the Energy Efficiency Programme is to reach 50,000 houses. This is the first time that the aid distribution bar has risen to these levels.

The budget of the Programme will reach 1 billion euros and it will not be distributed by region but by regional sector (prefecture). In this way, the Ministry of Environment and Energy seeks fairer participation in the programme and, in particular, the integration of housing from all regional sectors.

Priority in the evaluation of applications will have low-income households, older buildings, while a model is introduced that will divide the country into zones, depending on climatic conditions.

The conditions for the distribution of the largest subsidies will include the new degree of energy efficiency that the building will record after the interventions.