We are at the starting point of a worldwide breakthrough

The General Manager Commercial of Heracles Group, a member of LafargeHolcim Ltd, Mr. Dimitris Dimou speaks about the market and its future prospects.
Despite the health crisis, 2020 turned into a pleasant surprise for the Greek cement market, Mr. Dimou affirms. The first quarter managed to show the highest growth rate of the last decade. Despite the temporary suspension from the first wave of the pandemic, the construction sector in Greece resisted, recording an increase of close to 10% and displaying statistics numbers that had to be seen since 2012. This increase was clearly dominated by private construction. As of 2019, an increase in building permits had already begun to appear, which peaked in 2020. An unsurprising slowdown in tourism investment and public works was not enough to prevent the year from closing with significant gains.
2021 is expected to be a transitional year with a steady increased tendency for construction. But it will also be a precursor of growth and a springboard for the market development over the next decade.
Mr. Dimou believes that we are at the starting point of a worldwide breakthrough not only in the cement sector but generally in the building materials as well. It is about the so called “green” revolution, aimed at reducing the environmental footprint of structures. And he ends by saying that through Heracles Group and its new products “we envisage an innovative, climate-neutral construction industry that will apply the principles of the circular economy regarding the use of resources. It will operate with respect for water and nature and will contribute to improving the quality of life for all”.