How has SANITEC managed to reduce the consequences of the pandemic.

How did the demand for the sanitary ware market went in 2020? Were you affected by the pandemic crisis and how?

Unfortunately, in 2020 we all experienced both socially and professionally an unprecedented crisis with the COVID-19 pandemic. In general, in both the Greek and foreign markets, the sales of sanitary ware were quite affected, as the item concerns either renovations or new constructions, sectors that during this period were almost inactive. As expected, SANITEC SA was affected by the events, experienced upheavals in its sales, but managed to redeem the good quality and prompt delivery of its products to the market, which helped it to greatly reduce the decline in demand from its customers.

Are you optimistic about the progress of your industry this year? Do you see a recovery in demand in the near future?

Given that the sanitary ware sector is essentially following the emerging upward trend of construction activity in the country and abroad, we believe that in the coming period, mainly within 2022, there will be a general improvement of the current situation. We are quite optimistic that, because this sector is highly dependent on construction investments but also on the growing orders of the respective local clientele, the signs of recovery in demand will quickly become visible.

What is the profile of SANITEC and what is its position in the Greek market? How did last year’s financial results move?

SANITEC SA is one of the leading sanitary ware industries in Greece, having more than three decades of experience in the field and equips a large number of sanitary ware stores, wood wholesalers, hotel units, etc. with many of its products. Last year’s financial results managed to hold back – as mentioned above – due to the excellent quality of products and their immediate availability, which benefited it over its competition.

Apart from the Greek market, you also have a presence abroad. What markets do you focus on and what is the percentage of your exports?

The company has been present abroad for over 25 years, exporting its products to various countries – in Europe, in the Middle East, in North Africa. It follows strict procedures for the evaluation of raw materials and renews its collections, depending on the demands of each local market. The percentage of exports is increasing every year and is around 27% of its turnover.

What are the trends in the field of sanitary ware? Tell us about the products produced by SANITEC and the advantages of your company’s solutions.

SANITEC SA over the last decade follows the trends in the field of sanitary ware and adapts accordingly.

The aesthetics are now more austere, more minimalist, while the demand for high quality with first-class materials, international certifications and excellent After Sales Service is the great advantage of the company. In addition, the variety of models and colours available by SANITEC is remarkable, something in which it is superior to other competing companies.