Mr. Aristides Dallas, Founder and Lead Architect of Aristides Dallas Architects, who will participate in the panel of Architects Talk by in the context of BUILD EXPO 2021, speaks about architecture and design and how these will change.

When he was asked how much has the health crisis affected the tourist real estate market and how the demand will be formed this year, Mr. Dallas said that the pandemic is a huge blow to so many industries and it is very sad to see the inaction it has brought about in the various sectors. The construction sector hasn’t been affected so much by this situation. The investments made are long-term anyway and are aimed at the post-covid 19 era. So this pause, with lockdowns and restrictions, was the reason for the projects to run at a faster pace.
Mr. Dallas believes that the confinement, the isolation that we all experience will be the psychological reason for the further development of the industry. The concept of teleworking has introduced new data. It has become a reason to redefine the concept of
work and to strengthen a new form of community, that of digital nomads. With the use of new media, the sharing of files working on a network and communication to remain unaffected by kilometers, the whole community has been trained in this new working
model. This will also change the meaning of home, which can now be found anywhere. Consequently, its market will not remain in the narrow confines of a city or a country, but it will be surely expand to the Greek countryside and the islands. These facts make related investment inexhaustible.
Good architecture can be found anywhere, Mr. Dallas adds. Modern investors should be more daring and not be afraid to include lesser-known sites in their investment plans.
Whether it concerns construction or renovation. The success of an investment no longer depends solely on the choice of location. We have seen examples of successful hotels in places no one knew until then. And this is the victory of Architecture and Design today