The Greek Energy Efficiency Programme for the energy upgrade of buildings keeps boosting building sector in Greece.

With a total budget amounting to 632 million euros and mobilising total funds of over 1 billion euros, Greek Energy Efficiency Programme is one of the greatest ongoing projects of the public sector in Greece. Motivating various fields of the construction and the building materials sector which are connected to renovation and energy upgrade, the programme becomes even more relevant since the current energy crisis intensifies the need for less energy consumption. Specifically, Energy Efficiency Programme finances the following interventions as eligible:

  1. Replacement of window and door frames
  2. Installation / upgrade of thermal insulation
  3. Upgrading of heating / cooling systems
  4. ZNX system using Renewable Energy Sources (RES)
  5. Other energy saving interventions (smart home, lighting upgrade)

It is reminded that the Programme is expected to contribute to the goal of the National Plan for Energy and Climate for the total energy upgrade of 600,000 buildings by 2030.