What the data of Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT) show about Greek construction activity.

According to data released by ELSTAT, private construction activity in the whole country showed an increase of 8.8% in the number of issued building permits, by 8.9% in area and by 5.9% in volume, compared to 2019.
Some of the reasons for this astonishing achievement during a highly turbulent season were: a series of economic measures that were decided, especially the suspension of the application of the Value Added Tax and a huge public programme for renovation and energy efficiency upgrade.
In Attica, private construction activity in 2020 increased by 8,5% in issued building permits, 16,3% in area and 8,7% in volume.
The highest increase based in volume was recorded in Central Greece reaching 65,7%.
Significant increase had also the Ionian Islands (32,5%) and Thessaly (21,7%).