The Managing Director of PENETRON HELLAS SA, Mr. Theodor Mentzikofakis, expresses his optimism about the construction chemical products market and what the sector should expect for 2022.

Mr. Mentzikofakis was asked about the developments in the market of construction chemicals during the pandemic and his evaluation about the period 2020-2022.

“Certainly, like most other industries, so do chemical manufacturing companies experienced last year, in March and April, the initial shock of the pandemic (…) and were significantly affected by the restrictive measures”.

“(..) The important thing, however, is that, nevertheless, it seems that the market of both chemicals and insulating systems, as well as other construction products, has withstood. Most companies in 2020 in Greece finished their financial year just below the extremely positive 2019 and some even above of it. Of course, most companies in the industry are looking forward to significant growth within the next period of 2021. Surely we all wish and expect 2022 to turn into an explosive year of growth, with most sectors of industry, construction, trade, tourism and services to be properly prepared with investment mood and interest”.

He also speaks with pride about PENETRON HELLAS SA, which was established in 2006, in Athens, as a subsidiary of PENETRON INTERNATIONAL.

“PENETRON HELLAS covers the wider region of Southeastern Europe, both in terms of distribution of PENETRON products, as well as in the development and technical support of the company’s technologies. In 2016, the training and technical support centre was inaugurated in Athens, which is addressed to more than 60 countries worldwide. PENETRON, for the last twenty years, is a recognised power of construction chemicals market and definitely a strong market leader in the field of endochemical products. The company has a global presence in over 100 countries, with several production units in America, Europe and Asia”.

Mr. Mentzikofakis acknowledges the need for the construction market to gather again and indicates Build Expo 2021 as the best occasion for that.

“It is very important that the construction industry can meet at such an event and showcase new technologies, so that engineers, architects, craftsmen, but also we, the industry representatives, as well as various investors and organisations, to be able to exchange information, data, trends, to promote development and technology. All of us, for almost a year, have developed the capability of digital communication, through networks, web-meetings and web-conferences, but certainly nothing can replace the physical communication and presence. Build Expo 2021 is an important event for our sector and we will be there”.