The Hellenic Institute of Architecture, which will make a dynamic presence in Build Expo Greece 2021, sets the new perspectives of architecture and interior design.

Mr. Alexandros Zomas, architect engineer and PhD Candidate of National Technical University of Athens, shares his views on the opportunities that emerge for the sector.

After its highly successful presence in Build Expo Greece 2019, the Hellenic Institute of Architecture continues to seek the development of the sector by being active in all fields that can attract the public interest and promote architectural creativity in Greece. Mr. Zomas, was asked what are the issues that concern architecture and what are the prospects in a world after the pandemic.

“The new habits that most people acquired during the quarantine, such as running, cycling, rediscovering their neighborhood, proved the need for open and accessible public spaces, as well as green spaces”. He adds that “…going from public to private access areas, we may find that the pandemic has raised questions about workplaces, looking into not only their quality, but often even the need for them. At the same time, home is being re-examined as everyone had the opportunity to evaluate their living environment through the prism of prolonged confinement, the obligatory extended cohabitation with others or conversely, and of course teleworking. Redefining the design of the home and office space is certainly one of the key issues that concern architecture today”.

Mr. Zomas continues speaking about the pickup of the construction market and how this will affect architecture. “In private projects there is a general recovery, as the value of architecture and interior design is perceived by private customers in the upgrade of real estate products. In fact, architecture and interior design seem to be recovering dynamically in recent years. It is becoming more and more obvious that quality design, especially in housing, hospitality and catering projects, creates added value and a unique identity in the real estate market. The recovery will definitely bring new investments in a variety of uses and spaces, while the utilisation and reuse of older building envelopes or abandoned buildings would be also desirable. At the same time and in combination with the new methods that are being developed, such as the use of BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology, the construction industry will be encouraged to take a step towards the optimal control and evaluation of each stage of a project. The development of new materials, environmentally friendly and with a lower energy footprint is a goal, along with the development of certification standards for the quality of a construction”.

When asked what will be the focus of the Institute during Build Expo Greece 2021, Mr. Alexandros Zomas replied that the discussion will focus on the voice that architects have in the issues of housing, which are a result of the pandemic, the short-term rental of houses and how this changed during this time period, as also in issues of housing design in the wider Mediterranean community, a place with special characteristics and multiple expressions.