The new Energy Efficiency Programme is expected to be implemented in Autumn.

In the new Energy Efficiency Programme priority will not be decided by the time of expression of interest on the application platform but there will be prioritisation criteria.

Specifically, the main criterion will be the energy efficiency itself. It will be calculated how much energy the owner will save based on the changes he wants to make. The spent money on the planned changes depending on the energy efficiency that will be achieved will be the main criterion. The valuation of the substance of the investment will significantly determine the granting of the subsidy. The criteria also include climatic data, as well as the age of the building. More than half of the houses in Greece date back to before 1980, therefore, the inclusion of the age criterion makes the choice of the beneficiaries fairer.

The criterion of the energy class remains as it is considered particularly important. The current energy efficiency of the houses (regardless of the date), according to temporary data from the previous Energy Efficiency Programme, shows that 90% of the houses were in the lowest energy efficiency level, which means that there was a real need to be upgraded.

In addition, income criteria will also be taken into account, with priority given to supporting the weaker economic strata.