Mr. Mohamed Tosson Ibrahim, Project Manager of REDCON Construction, one of the leading construction companies of Egypt and the wider region, shares his view on the industry and the importance of cooperations.

1. What is the profile of your company? In which fields and in which countries are you active?

Redcon Construction, reaching the landmark of 25 years in the construction business, proves its maturity and solid existence. As a construction company, as also through our affiliated companies, we have contributed our cumulative expertise, knowledge and practices to Health, Culture, Manufacturing, Education, Hospitality, Residential, and Renewable Energy Verticals. Since its inception, Redcon was structured seeking always to excel and make a difference in its nominated verticals, where we, the customer and the environment become one. Besides Egypt, we are also active in many other countries of the region, collaborating with various companies at a high level.

2. After a ten-year crisis, the Greek construction market is starting to show positive growth rates again. Would you see opportunities for your company in cooperating with Greek companies and in which fields?

It is important that Greek construction market managed to return to positive growth rates even after a ten-year economic crisis and even during the pandemic. This is also good for the trade between the countries of the region and in particular between Egypt and Greece. Yes, I see good business opportunities in cooperating with Greek companies and especially in the field of importing building materials and equipment from Greece.

3. Accordingly, are there any opportunities for Greek companies in your country and in which fields?

Yes, we can say that the axis Egypt-Greece can also work and that way, so that both countries can take advantage of the momentum and benefit mutually. Greek companies can certainly find opportunities in Egypt and in particular in the fields of development and construction, as also in the field of building materials.

4. How do you see the business future of construction sector in Southeast Europe and East Mediterranean region? Is broad cooperation essential for the quickest recovery from the consequences of the pandemic?

Here we have to see the big picture. And the business future of the construction sector, either it is seen in Southeast Europe and East Mediterranean or in any other region of the world, must be set on this common acceptance: Construction sector is the most important sector in any country. Even in the time of pandemic our sector proves constantly its importance as a mean of growth. It is undeniable that the pandemic and its consequences caused problems but the construction sector endured and continues to elevate economy. And yes, broad cooperation is the best way to recover from the consequences of the pandemic. It is with mutual benefit that we can build the future.

5. What kind of business strategies do you think Greece and Egypt should adopt for strengthening their cooperation in construction sector, since Greece is a major sourcing hub and natural gateway to European Union and Egypt is one of the strongest markets in the MENA region?

Egypt and Greece are the two sides of a bridge that connects MENA region and European Union. The continuous business cooperation between the two countries can be exceptionally beneficial for both and that is why it is something that we should always encourage. I believe that there are fields with great opportunities, such as importing and exporting building materials and equipment. I also believe that trade exhibitions can act as a spearhead for this cooperation. Trade exhibitions is the natural way to bring companies from both countries together and create a good business environment through which construction sector can flourish even more.

6. Considering the high exhibitors interest in participating, what are your expectations from Build Expo Greece 2021 and in what ways will it be beneficial for the construction industry of the wider region?

The circumstances have created a momentum where the whole construction sector is thirsty for further action. I expect Build Expo Greece 2021 to be very successful since it will give the chance to the construction market to meet again and deploy this momentum. I also believe that it will be a great opportunity especially for Egyptian trade visitors because the construction sector in Egypt is currently very active and promising. Therefore, it is a pleasure for our company to visit Build Expo Greece as a member of its Hosted Buyers Programme. Events like this one benefit the sector and strengthen the trade bonds between the countries of the region.