This year’s Architects Talk is expected to focus on the new circumstances in the post-Covid era, as well as on the issue of sustainability in the framework of Build Expo Greece 2021. Mr. Bartzokas explains why this year’s event will have two special sections for marble and aluminium and why it is expected to be one of the main attractions of the exhibition, with an emphasis on promoting the issues that concern the professionals of the industry but also on the market trends.

Architects Talk by was a huge success and showed great dynamics in the context of the previous Build Expo. Were you satisfied with the event? If we were to ask you to single out any of the conclusions about the course and trends of the industry, what would they be?

In the first event of Architects Talk by, in the context of Build Expo, in 2019, the dominant trends in hoteling were discussed, and, in particular, the rise of boutique hotels in the city and the revival of resorts in the countryside. Regarding home, the new face of exclusive luxury, inside and outside the Cyclades, was pinpointed. Trends were discussed regarding the offices of multinational companies and co-working spaces, while there were many innovative, experimental ideas that serve this concept and are certainly applicable. The presence of the leading representatives of architecture on the panel of Architects Talk, in Build Expo, proves the extroversion of the institution, the success in connecting the different and complementary professional branches and sciences, the exchange of knowledge on issues of common interest.

And this year, Architects Talk by, is expected to be one of the main events at Build Expo, with emphasis on promoting the issues that concern professionals in the industry and on the market trends. What will we see and where is this year’s event expected to focus? In terms of architectural trends, what is the insight both in Greece and abroad?

Since 2019 the data have been reversed. Architecture in the post-Covid 19 era meets the demands of sustainability, of Future of Work – which potentially allows a generation of highly skilled workers to work anywhere in the world, based anywhere with an internet access – in need of more exclusivity, slow life and new approach in public space. New social forces are mobilising and are investing, changes are being observed in the places where thought is generated and, on the occasion of the year of Women in Leadership and #metoo, women are taking leadership positions that they were entitled to anyway. At the same time, in the field of the construction materials Greece is emerging as a leading international player in exports. These are some of the topics that will be discussed in this year’s Architects Talk.

What is the role of sustainable development and climate neutral building? How is architecture affected by sustainability?

Sustainability takes on another meaning. It is a pillar in the branding of most large companies and one of the ways to express their consistency in practice, is to choose spaces and offices that meet certain standards and have the appropriate certificates. But the concept of sustainability goes beyond this obvious interpretation. It is now related to the well-being of the public – employees, citizens and customers – responding to emerging policies, according to the sweet spot between what society wants and the objectives of each organisation.

As part of Architects Talk, you have chosen to dedicate two special sections to Greek marble and aluminium. What is the target of these sections and what do you expect from them?

In Greece, the marble industry sector remains strong, with 76% of total production being exported to more than 120 countries last year. Thus, the country is ranked 4th in the world in marble exports. The aluminium sector remains the 3rd most exported sector with an export value of € 1,7 billion and the 2nd with the best trade balance. Its exports accounted for about 5.6% of the country’s total. In these sections we want to connect the world of architecture with that of business, in order to create a think tank on issues of commercial product design, innovation, corporate social responsibility.

Which architectural agencies have announced so far that they will be present and what issues will they address?

We are surely preparing an all star panel of Greek architecture. Some of the agencies that will participate are AD Architects, Deca Architects, OOAK Architects, Block 722, Elastic Archiects, Urban Soul Project, Micromega, Point Supreme, PILA Studio, Area Office for architecture, A2 Architects, K Studio, Vikelas Architects, Parthenios Architects, 314 Architecture, Peras architects, KAAF Architects, AVW, Studio Materiality. The topics concern hotel trends, housing, “invisible” architecture, offices of the future and storytelling design.

What are your expectations for Architects Talk by

We want to continue to highlight trends and build connections in dialogue with every stakeholder in society. Architects Talk is an institution that wants to accelerate or even inspire positive change.