It represents 5.6% of the Greece’s total exports. The market recovery continued in 2020.

Based on this percentage, the aluminum industry, which is well known and competitive in international markets, is classified as:

– The 3rd most exporting sector of Greece with an export value of € 1,7 billion, showing a decrease of about 8% compared to 2019 mainly due to the pandemic, and

– The 2nd with the best trade balance, approximately € 780 million, a decrease of 6% compared to 2019.

In terms of sales, according to Aluminium Association of Greece (AAG) data:

– Primary sales in 2020 increased marginally by 0.4%, with exports now accounting for 53% of total sales. It should be noted that Greece ranks 7th among the leading producers of primary aluminium in Europe.

– Sales of primary products in 2020 increased by 2% and dominate international markets as exports now account for 84% of total sales.

It is noted that the Greek aluminium industry consists of 3.000 large, medium and small companies in all stages of processing and trade while directly or indirectly employs 30.000 employees. The Greek aluminium industry is showing verticality as it starts from the first stage of bauxite mining and reaches the internationally certified final products. At the same time, it has an international presence, through production units, privately owned distribution networks and commercial representation in over 50 countries.