The pandemic crisis was an opportunity to bring out the best in ourselves, stresses the head of RAVENNA SA.

What was your course in 2020? Has the activities of RAVENNA SA been affected by the pandemic and to what extent?

The pandemic was an unprecedented event for all of us and, of course, sudden for entrepreneurs, who could not have taken action. But this, in a purely business context, was an opportunity for everyone to try to show their best and how determined they are to find solutions even in the most difficult conditions, in order to have the least possible negative consequences for their business.

RAVENNA was also affected by the pandemic, but not to a large extent, due to the upward course of the company in recent years.

Last year, amid the pandemic, RAVENNA SA opened a new store in Athens. Now that the restrictive measures have been lifted, what are your expectations from this new investment?

The fact that there was a lockdown, almost immediately after the start of the new RAVENNA store, was quite unpleasant, as it is the largest investment made in Greece in our industry. We have managed to create a space according to the European standards, a comfortable and modern showroom that helps customers to browse and see products in an easier way. We also gave great attention to working conditions, ensuring a well-designed and functional space for the company’s staff with kitchens, bathrooms, changing rooms, and a mood-setting environment.

Despite the initial shock of the first days of lockdown, I realised that this is an opportunity to show my best as an entrepreneur and to set the example that even in the most difficult conditions, there are ways for a business to function properly and profitably. And as it turns out, there are indeed, as after the end of the first lockdown, the company had found its pace again and returned to the desired levels. We continued our upward course in both sales and staff growth, which has now exceeded 190 people.

In this development, the addition of new products in the store of Kifissos, such as furniture for the bedroom, the office, the living room, the dining room, children’s furniture and lighting, helped a lot.

So, the end of 2020 may have found us during a second lockdown, but the year ended with a double-digit growth rate.

What is your estimation for this year? How do you think the market will react?

This year started with the continuation of the second lockdown, an unpleasant event but we used it to organise the company better, so that we are ready for the second opening. From the beginning of 2021 until today, RAVENNA has recorded a double-digit increase in sales, which we believe we will maintain until the end of the year.

RAVENNA is a special case of a company that operates in its own – autonomous – way, respecting consumers and competition and always implementing innovative solutions.

However, it is very pleasing for us that we receive calls from competing companies from abroad which want to visit and get to know our company up close, because really, if someone has not visited the RAVENNA stores, in Kifissos and Thessaloniki, he cannot understand what RAVENNA means.

What is the profile and philosophy of RAVENNA SA and what is its position in the Greek market?

The company continues its business plan and remains faithful to its philosophy, which is the reason for its great success: the largest variety of ready-made products, at the best prices. And the response of the consumer public is extremely encouraging, since this plan and philosophy have placed RAVENNA in the No. 1 position of the market.

At the moment, we have the largest market share in the category “tiles and sanitary ware” and our goal is, within the next five years, to have similar success in the categories “furniture” and “lighting”.

What solutions does the company offer in the field of bathroom and floor renovation?

It offers complete solutions both in the renovation of the bathroom and the floors of the house, as well as in the creation or renovation of the business spaces. A complete design that includes tiles, sanitary ware and of course furniture and lighting for the whole house and any business space.

What are the current trends in the main sectors of your activity? How does RAVENNA SA respond to the new market demands?

The construction activity seems to have come to life again in Greece in recent years, with a significant difference. Now, we see apartment buildings being built but this time the works are done only by professional constructors. In the last 2 years, all apartment buildings built in Greece are of high standards, in contrast to situations we have seen in the past. Based on this change, we believe that people with the necessary knowledge, experience and new ideas will eventually raise the construction level bar, raising also the requirements. Requirements that RAVENNA products can meet, both due to design and due to high quality.

With your participation you will support this year’s exhibition BUILD EXPO GREECE. What are your expectations?

For all the above reasons, RAVENNA SA has decided to take part in the exhibition which is addressed exclusively to constructors and civil engineers. Despite the objective difficulties, due to the ongoing COVID-19, we believe that the exhibition will have satisfactory attendance levels.

In any case, RAVENNA SA, the No. 1 company in tiles and sanitary ware, could not miss this event.