The president of the Association of Marble Companies of Macedonia-Thrace, Greece, Mrs. Julie Chaida, expresses her optimism and confidence that the construction sector will rebound and highlights the exporting activity and the advantages of Greek marble.

Mrs. Julie Chaida as a president of the Association of Marble Companies of Macedonia-Thrace, Greece, the largest marble association in Greece, has a clear and valid view about the position of the Greek marble in the world building scene.

“Greek marble has a very strong “brand name” and the Parthenon as its best ambassador. It also has significant advantages such as its excellent quality, its variety of colours, while what makes it unique in the world is its whiteness that does not exist in any other marble in the world. These characteristics lead to a continuous increase in its exports in recent years. An increase that ranks Greece in the 4th place in the world, despite the recession of the Greek economy in the previous decade. Our industry is purely extroverted and exports 76% of marble production to more than 120 countries.

Of course, although very important, the specific elements need to be framed with new commercial approaches. We all see how fast everything around us is evolving. So our industry, like everyone else, needs to listen to the signs of the times and use the means and technologies of its time to promote marble, looking for its customers in the generations to come. Adaptability, flexibility and innovation are the characteristics that decisively helped the Greek marble industry to enter the international markets and gave it the position it holds today”.

Mrs. Chaida, asked about the expectations of 2021, did not hide her confidence:

“There is optimism for 2021, as positive developments on the coronavirus vaccine front and the emerging prospect of tackling the pandemic will lead to an international recovery.

The efficient management of the pandemic and its consequences on the economy of Greece in a way that is considered better compared to other European countries, upgrades the image of the country abroad. Consequently, foreign investors feel more secure for Greece which remains a very attractive investment destination. The inflow of new investment funds is a positive step for the Greek economy. Another strong support for Greek economy is the funds of the European Recovery Fund. It is therefore an important opportunity for Greece to acquire a more competitive economy and it must focus on this goal. We believe that the post-COVID era will mark the resumption of construction activity with the implementation of major construction projects which means the beginning of an upward cycle for our industry”.